Job Applications

Classified Application


This application is for general employment. Any position that does not require a teaching certificate.


Certified (Teacher) Application


This application is for all certified positions that require a teaching certificate.


Kindergarten & 1st Grade (2 teachers)

We are currently taking applications for a new kindergarten and 1st grade teacher for the 2019-2020 school year.Please fill out an application (certified app from above) and send into Director Stevens. These are full-time teaching positions with benefits.

Lunch Worker Needed

Currently accepting applications for a part-time lunch helper. This position is approximately 2.5 hours a day during our lunch time. Please contact Director Stevens for more information or apply using the application titled "classified" found on this page.

Board Member Opening

Valley Academy Board Member Opening 

Valley Academy is seeking applicants for one open Board Member position.  

Applications will be taken until the position is filled. You may apply by filling out the Board Member Application and returning it to any current Board Member. You may also send completed applications to the Board secretary at:

Applicants should be aware that Board Membership requires attendance at monthly meetings, a three-year commitment, leadership of at least one board committee, staying informed on school and board issues by reading the school’s Charter and other required documents, background check, and an understanding that Board members receive no compensation for service. Board members may not serve concurrently on the Board and work as an employee of the school.

Applicants are encouraged to visit our website, be familiar with the Valley Academy Charter, and come with enthusiasm for our students and school mission.