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Free public arts Title One school that provides a holistic approach to teaching children. 

School Dismissal Announcement


Update March 23, 2020 5:00 PM

School "Dismissal" will continue until May 1, 2020 as per Governor Herbert and Superintendent Dickson's announcement.

Read the Notice HERE

Update March 18, 2020 5:00 PM

Dear Parents & Guardians

As we prepare to embark on this grand adventure of digital and non-digital learning we at Valley Academy ask for your patience and communication. We probably will not see every need and are asking that you communicate with me directly so we can make sure all of our children are taken care of during this time of need. 

  • Our lunch program will proceed as normal with a drive up service at our school. This will start Monday March 23rd from 11:00-1:00 Breakfast for Tuesday can be picked up at that time.
  • Lunches/breakfasts will be delivered to bus stops starting on Tuesday March 24th based on needs. Please fill out the attached form so we know your needs.
  • We ask that you DO NOT leave your vehicle during pick up times. We will have someone guiding traffic, handing out materials (lunches, Chromebooks, packets, etc...) to your car window, answering questions, and directing you back out.
  • Please follow the orange cones and employee directions as you enter the property through the main parking lot entrance. You will be directed around to the back of the school where we will have more room to guide your vehicle around to the correct spots for pickup.

Chromebooks and/or packets

  • Starting Tuesday March 24th we are asking for an adult to drive through our pickup area at Valley to receive your child's Chromebook and other material. No walk-ups and no students please.
  • In order to accommodate all traffic we will be sending a schedule for pickup times based on your child's grade level. 
  • If you have more than one child attending Valley, we will let you choose what grade level one of your children belongs to and pick up all material then.
  • We ask that you DO NOT leave your vehicle during pick up times. We will have someone guiding traffic, handing out materials to your car window, answering questions, and directing you back out.
  • Please follow the orange cones and employee directions as you enter the property through the main parking lot entrance. You will be directed around to the back of the school where we will have more room to guide your vehicle around to the correct spots for pickup.
  • Schedules will be emailed to you

Office Hours

  • Our office will be open for phone calls only. The hours are 8:00-3:30 Monday-Thursday and 8:00-1:00 on Friday PLEASE call for questions and do not come in.
  • Individual tutoring and in-person accommodations will be on a person-to-person need. They will be set up by the individual teacher and or the SPED Director; when arriving for these needs please use the outside doors and instructions from these people.
  • ALL paperwork, registrations, etc... should be left in our Dropbox(big black mailbox) by the front door.

Special Education

  • Judy Johnston, our Special Education Director will be contacting all students via email with more specific plans for accommodations.


  • Our school counselor Laurie Harper will be reaching out to all parents in an email with the invitation for all students to connect with her if they are needing to.
  • Laurie will also be contacting the students that she has worked with in the past to see if there is still other needs she can help with.

Teacher hours of Instruction

  • To be in compliance with the "no mass gathering"  we are trying to stagger the instruction times of all teachers in the school; we will be sending out a schedule for the time that teachers will be logged in and instructing online. This schedule will be sent on Monday March 23rd and classes will begin online starting Wednesday March 25th.
  • We will have a paraprofessional included online with most classes in case there are questions or accommodations needed.
  • Google Meet will be the platform teachers will be using. Your child will need to log into his/her Chromebook with their school email in order to use our secure server. They will receive an invite from their teacher in an email.
  • We will be running a short trial sync Tuesday afternoon for all students to make sure we can all access the Google Meet together and work out any and all bugs before Wednesday. More details on this will be emailed to you on Monday March 23rd or included with your pickup on Tuesday March 24th.

Internet Accessibility

  • TDS Communication is offering free 60 day internet for low-income families. Low income verification will be required from TDS. Call 844-684-1387 for more details
  • Infowest is offering reduced monthly fees for new customers. Valley Academy Charter School will also help low-income families if they incur any charge with Infowest from now until July 1, 2020. You may pay nothing if you currently do not have internet access and qualify for free school lunch. Contact Tracy Stevens at 435-680-8526 for more info and qualifications.

Please email me if you have any questions.Tracy Stevens

Update March 13, 2020 4:30 PM

Dear parents & guardians

As you may know by now our State Superintendent and/or Governor has announced we will be having all schools enact a "Dismissal". This means that schools will not be accepting students in person. Instead teachers will be at the school teaching electronically through a digital platform and students will be at home learning either through their electronic devices or by using packets.

The dismissal will be for 2 weeks statewide, which means this will only affect us for 1 week (because or Spring Break) starting March 23rd and possibly ending March 27th; we will let you know asap if that time frame is extended.

You may have lots of questions, but please give us some time to prepare and we will continue to stay in touch through emails and our website. I will set up the website to have a student section with all the information under that tab.

Foreseeing this scenario as a possibility the Valley Admin team has been coordinating and implementing a plan for the last few weeks. The following is only an outline so that you have an understanding of how we will be working with you and the teachers to make this workable for everyone.

None of the following plan has been finalized so only view it as an example plan for now until we have finalized ALL plans and schedules and we will email and post the plan next week as it is finalized. This is to help answer questions for you that may come up over the next couple of days.

Possible solution plan:

Parents will be picking up Chromebooks and/or packets on Monday March 23rd from the front of the school. We will have a curbside pickup scheduled with specific times for grade levels. We will have instructions given out on how to log in to the Chromebook and the platform used for video teaching. Your child's teacher will be teaching from their classroom. This will not be all day (we will share the schedule soon). Our IT staff are currently setting up Chromebooks to work from your home and connect to our server here at the school so that your children are protected and monitored as if they were on school grounds.

Federal IDEA is still enacted and usable at the school as we are still working with any child that has an IEP and in need of accommodations. Judy Johnston and the Admin team will be sending out instructions to any SPED child with an IEP soon. We may be able to still implement small group tutoring as needed.

For families that still need school breakfasts and lunches we have a plan in place to make sure you get that nutrition. This may be a curbside pickup and in some cases we will be delivering food to your current school bus stop. We are still working this issue out and will get that info out to you.

MIddle school students will probably keep the same ordered schedule, for example ELA first class, Science, PE, then the other classes the next day; the difference will be that the class times will be shortened. Students will be expected to do work on their own offline once the teacher signs off of the platform.

This is unprecedented on this scale, but I am confident that because we have planned for this ahead of time, we will be able to move throughout this time without many problems.

Please be patient and wait for us to email more information as it is finalized by us.

Please make this as positive as possible with your children. My heart goes out to our children as they must see this as a huge negative circumstance in our entire world. Please share with them the happiness in the world so they do not feel the gloom and doom that is being spread throughout the world right now.

This is a great step to slow this disease and give it time to run its course while we are protecting ourselves and staying out of social circles.

I feel very blessed and fortunate to be your child's principal. I look forward to seeing their smiling faces back at school as soon as we are given the okay.


Tracy Stevens


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease

To view our plan on the Coronavirus, please click below to be taken to the parent page of our website. 

Spring Fling April 6, 2020

Our Spring Fling and Lottery Announcement night is just around the corner.

School Mission


The mission of Valley Academy Charter is to provide a superior, character building academic program enhanced by integrated training in the fine and performing arts and a technologically advanced curriculum; in a social emotional learning environment that promotes responsible freedom.

2020-2021 Registration

Our 2020-2021 school year registration will be open soon. Please fill out the registration packet and return it to Valley Academy once the registration is opened. Our lottery will be  held in March  during our Spring Fling at Valley Academy Charter School.

We currently have waiting lists in grades 2nd, 5th, and 6th, but please contact us and we will let you know your options for enrollment.

The waiting list is to keep our classes "capped" at 25 students or less so our teachers can give your child the best experience possible!

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 Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Statement

Valley Academy Charter School is committed to making compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). At this time we recognize that not all areas of our website are ADA compliant. We are currently in the process of redesigning and creating new website content to be compliant with the W3C Level Two guidelines.

About Us

Pillars of our School


Pillars of our School


Our school is based upon 4 pillars...each pillar helps support the other 3 to make our school's foundation strong!





Pillar 1 - ACADEMICS


Pillars of our School


 Academic success for all students is the goal at Valley Academy. Together, teachers, parents, and staff meet together to plan, monitor, and evaluate both the academic and behavioral needs of our students 





 Integrating technology in education helps students stay engaged. Most students today have been using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to play and learn since they could crawl. So it only seems logical to align today's classrooms with the way children are used to learning. 





 Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.






 Integration in many areas seems to be the vocabulary for curriculum designers everywhere. Integration is not easy, and it is difficult to find. Arts integration at Valley Academy requires collaboration, data, and amazing teachers who are willing to take on this challenge. 

Other support curriculum




  • Ceramics
  • Gardening
  • Coding
  • Lego Robotics
  • Website Design
  • Spanish

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As per required by Federal & State Regulation, Valley Academy has an Asbestos Management Plan  on file at the school. It is available for inspection by appointment. If you would like to see the plan, please call Valley Academy Charter School at 435-635-7815