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Welcome To Valley Academy

September 4, 2017

Dear School Community,

Welcome to Valley Academy! Valley Academy Charter is a free public school focusing on strong Academics, Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, and Social Emotional Learning. It is our goal to keep students safe, happy, and engaged in learning. Our faculty and staff are supportive and committed to this mission. We invite you to visit and experience a quality school with remarkable students.

The focus to improve schools is certainly a goal for many. The rigor of education has increased the expectations for all grade levels. Despite the emphasis on accountability, American schools remain behind many other countries. The pressure on schools to perform at high levels on state assessments has led to schools narrowing their focus to easily measurable outputs of basic knowledge and skills in reading and math, and this has resulted in decreased instructional time in social studies, science, physical education, and art. Academic proficiency is definitely important, but it is not enough. We believe students will need strong social and emotional skills in order to be well prepared and well adjusted. A high quality education should develop these competencies by teaching students how to have compassion for themselves and others, manage and release stress, maintain focus, make healthy decisions, build relationships, and use effective strategies for handling their emotions.
Social Emotional Learning at Valley Academy has the potential to help students be happier, less stressed, and more aware and in control of their emotions. Social Emotional Learning is a tool that students can use throughout their lives to improve their social and emotional wellness from the inside out.
We know that our teachers make a difference, but highly effective teachers can also have an impact on students by modeling and teaching self-awareness, collaboration, and decision-making. The faculty and staff at Valley Academy are committed to making this happen.

Kevin Dunkley Director Valley Academy Charter School

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