• Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Valley Academy!!!
    Thanks for your enthusiasm and contributing to our schools success! The Santa Shop was a hit with the students! Thank you PTO and all who volunteered to make it happen.
  • String and Band Parents!
    Monday, December 8th will be our strings concert for grades 3-8. This will include our 3rd/4th beginning strings group; our 5th-6th beginning stings group; our 5th-6th intermediate group; and our 7th-8th advanced group. This is for all students who play violin, viola, cello, and bass. Tuesday, December 9th will be our band concert for grades 3-8. This also includes 3rd-4th grade beginners; 5th-6th intermediate; 5th-6th percussion ensemble; and 7th-8th grade advanced band. This is for all students who play flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, and percussion (drums). Time: 6 pm (students must plan to arrive at 5:30) Location: The Hurricane Community Center old school building (NOT the performing arts stage), where we usually perform. This stage was booked for their play rehearsals. Dress: Students must wear all solid black. This can include slacks, skirts, dresses, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, or T-shirts (with no logo); black shoes and black socks/hose. Please no jeans, shorts, or clothes with patterns/logos. This performance is REQUIRED for students enrolled in 3rd-8th grade music classes. It is approximately 1/4th of their grade, and failure to attend will reflect on this. Every member of our ensemble is so important!
    For additional information please contact Miss Stacy: sherman.s@valleyacademycharter.com.
  • Do you know your students grades?
    Click on the image for a step by step video walk through on how to get on to our SIS system and keep up on your students grades.
  • New Bus Routes Are Here!!!
    We are going to Toquerville, LaVerkin, Hurricane Fields, Dixie Springs, Brentwood, Sky Mountain . Make sure you sign up for your bus route!!
  • Acer AspireOne Laptop Sale!!!
    For $100 you can own one today! Inquire at the front office during school hours. Don't miss out on this great deal!!!

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6:00 pm Public Board Meeting @ Valley Academy Charter School
Public Board Meeting @ Valley Academy Charter School
Dec 18 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Monthly public Board Meeting. All are welcome to attend. Individuals wishing to speak to the Board may utilize the public comment section of each meeting by submitting a request to the Board Secretary, alisha@valleyacademycharter.com *Please plan ahead for your comments to be 3 minutes or less. Due[...]
6:00 pm PTO Meeting
PTO Meeting
Jan 8 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Come to this month’s PTO meeting and find out about all the activities planned for your kiddos!  Contact pto@valleyacademycharter.com for more info.

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A Message from the Director

December 9, 2014

Dear School Community,

Recently I read an article entitled, “The Charter School Revolution.” The article reported on the amazing growth of charter schools and their overall success. It has been 22 years since the first charter school was launched. The charter school movement is now entering into its third decade. It has had its share of growing pains, but I am confident that charter schools are here to stay. I met with our state superintendent recently, he was asked the question, “How do you envision the relationship between traditional district schools and charters schools in the future?” Superintendent Smith commented that one of the promises of charter schools is that they can serve as laboratories of innovation. Because they have greater autonomy than traditional public schools, and since they tend to attract pioneering educators, thy can try out new approaches to education that, if proven effective, can be transplanted back into the larger public education system. I am hopeful that this spirit of cooperation will continue as charter schools continue to show promising results in terms of student achievement. I am excited to be apart of the charter school movement. Teachers and students of Valley Academy are among some of the best schools. We have much to share with other schools, about teaching and learning, management strategies, staff development, and many other topics.
Excellent schools have always focused on delivering a well-rounded education. Certainly that’s the kind of education the students of Valley Academy enjoy, and it’s the kind of education all of our children deserve.
The diversity in teaching, the creativity, celebrating the arts, and promoting the social emotional intelligence, is what makes Valley Academy a great place to learn. Please join us in that pioneering spirit that makes for the best education possible.


Mr. Dunkley

"The USDA is an Equal Opportunity provider and employer"
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