Planning for the Future

If you’ve been with us since day one or for just a short time, it might interest you to know what Valley Academy plans for future growth.

Did you know that:

  • Valley Academy owns 26 acres of property….and only around 6 of those acres are currently in use today.  This means we have plenty of space to dream and grow!
  • Our charter calls for growth in grade levels until we reach our ultimate goal of K-12?  Growing one grade per year was our initial goal, but we want to be responsible in our growth.  As we plan for a high school, we want parent and student input.  Watch for opportunities to comment and be on a committee that will help plan this process!  This is an exciting thing…to be able to shape the future of your child’s education!
  • We are always looking for and working on grants to help better the school programs and buy needed items for our students.  If you have ideas, time to spare, or grant writing ability, we would love to utilize your talents!
  • A great way to stay informed on school policy and programs is to attend monthly Board meetings and PTO meetings, both of which are open to the public.  Check the calendar on this page and Facebook events for dates and times.

Interested in how our campus may evolve over the next couple of years?  Click HERE to see a proposed map of phased growth.  *Many thanks to Marisa Monger and Lane Blackmore for their work on this!

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