Q: Does Valley Academy have bus service?
A: Yes. Please call the office to find out more about our bus schedules.  You can also see bus schedules under the parent/student tab on this website.

Q: What will the daily schedule be like for my child?
A: Students will have a “home-room” teacher that they will spend the majority of their time with, and will be exposed to all of the arts each week during the regular school day. We invite you to talk with our incredible front office staff, our school Director, and your child’s teacher if you have specific questions about the daily schedule.

Q: Who are the teachers?
A: Check out our teacher page!

Q: Will Valley Academy have homework?
A: Students may have homework from time to time. It will be up to the individual teacher.

Q: Where can I find information on school lunch?
A: Check out our school lunch page under the Parent/Student tab.  Valley Academy participates in the Federal Free and Reduced school lunch program, serving healthy breakfast and lunch to our students every school day.

Q: What exactly is a charter school?
A: Charter schools are public schools that have been created by a group of parents, teachers, or community leaders who have seen an educational need in their community and want to meet that need.  In order to operate, charter founders must submit an applicaiton and have it approved by the State Charter School Board or a local school district.  Like other public schools, charter schools have students from kindergarten through 12th grade.  In Utah, most charter schools operate independently of a school district.

Q: Are charter schools private schools?
A: No.  Charter schools are public schools.  They must function like every other public school in Utah.  They must meet all of the same standards and comply with all of the same laws.

Q: How many charter schools are there in Utah and the US?
A: As of the 2015 school year, there are over 100 charter schools throughout Utah (4 of those charter schools in Washington County) serving approximately 10% of Utah students.  Nationally, there are approximately 4,000 charter schools that serve over 1 million students.

Q: Will your teachers be certified?
A: Yes.  Charter school teachers are under the same licensing requirements as the teachers at every other public school in Utah.

Q: Will Valley Academy be teaching the State’s Core Curriculum?
A: Yes.  All Utah public schools must teach the State’s Core Curriculum.

Q: Are the students at Valley Academy going to take the same tests that students at other schools take?  
A: Yes.  Students attending public schools must all participate in the same federally and state mandated testing. Results are published annually by the State Office of Education and will also be available on Valley Academy’s website as part of a yearly school-wide “report card”.  Families wishing to opt-out of testing should talk to the front office for the most up-to-date state policy.

Q: What is the school calendar like?
A: For convenience of all families, we will closely follow the Washington County School District Calendar, although all days and times may not cooincide.

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located on the corner of 870W and 600N in Hurricane, near the Hurricane City Offices.

Q: What grades does Valley Academy offer?
A: We will serve K-8th grade this year with the intention to expand through grade 12, as approved by the State Board of Education.

Q: How does enrollment work?
A: Fill out the enrollment packet and turn it into our office. Our lottery is held in March of each year.  Please talk to our front office staff for the most updated information on the lottery.

Q: Do I have to live within a certain area to attend a charter school?
A: No.  Charter schools do not have boundaries.  Any Utah student may attend any charter school in Utah for free.  If student applications exceed the charter school’s maximum enrollment, then the school must conduct a lottery to determine the students who may enroll.

Q: Do we have to pay tuition?
A: No. Just like Utah’s other public schools, charter schools are funded by taxpayers and therefore, they are FREE to students.  Charter schools do not charge tuition.

Q: What kind of programs do you offer?
A: We offer high academic standards through a technology driven curriculum, intensive performing and fine arts instruction, and social/emotional learning for all students.

Q: What are the advantages of a charter school?
A: We will offer smaller class sizes, and personalized instruction to suit the learning styles of our students. Because we are not supporting a large bureaucracy, more state money goes directly toward your children’s education.

Q: If we have several children, can they all attend?
A: Yes, if one child is selected in the lottery, all siblings are allowed to attend also provided there is room at the appropriate grade level.

Q: Does Valley Academy require uniforms?
A: Yes, we require all Valley Academy students to wear an inexpensive but attractive uniform. Research shows the learning environment is influenced by student attire. We want to assure families of all social-economic levels an equal focus on quality education. Check out the Uniform FAQ tab  or Visit the Uniform tab under Student/Parent

Q: Who runs your school?
A: Charter schools have their own boards of directors that operate independently of local schools districts.  Utah’s Board of Education and the State Charter School Board have oversight and responsibility for charter schools and annually review the progress of every Utah charter school.  Valley Academy is governed by a local Board who has hired an experienced Director to oversee the day-to-day operations of the school.


Q: I heard you changed the uniform policy.  Where can I find a copy of it?  
A: Click on this LINK to be taken directly to the policy.

Q: Can my child really wear any color shirt to school?  
A: Yes, any color of polo is an acceptable part of the uniform.  The only logo allowed on the polo is the school logo.

Q: Is it ok to layer a long sleeved shirt under a uniform shirt?
A: Yes, layered shirts in short or long sleeves are allowed.  The undershirt must be white in color.

Q: What kind of pants are ok to wear?
A: Pants need to be khaki (brown/tan) or navy in color. It doesn’t matter specifically what kind they are, but they should fit well without sagging below the waist. (You can choose to wear a belt or not) They can also be any length from long pants up to shorts that are no more than an inch above the knee. Capris are ok.  Jeans, sweat pants, stretch pants, or athletic wear is not allowed as part of the uniform.

Q: Where can I buy my child’s uniform items?
A: You may buy the uniform items at any store you choose.  The PTO also sponsors a uniform buy-back with gently used uniform items dontated by families from the past school year.

Q: Are there any restrictions on backpacks and lunch boxes?
A: No. You may use any style backpack and lunch box you choose.

Q: What kind of shoes are ok to wear with the uniform?
A: Shoes must have a closed toe and back, be no taller than 2 inches above the ankle, and have a heel no higher than 1 inch. Acceptable colors for shoes are: blue, black, white, brown, and grey (or any configuration of those colors on the same shoe). Flashing lights, glitter, and wheels are not allowed on shoes worn during the school day. Flip-­flops and sandals are not permitted.



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