Our Mission

The mission of Valley Academy is to provide a superior, character building academic program enhanced by integrated training in the fine and performing arts and a technologically advanced curriculum; in a social emotional learning environment that promotes responsible freedom.

Continue to improve student learning

Continuous improvement of student learning is an ongoing goal and one of the purposes of Valley Academy. We intend to improve student learning based on four main pillars: exposure to the arts as an integral part of each school day, significantly improved use of technology school-wide, empowerment of the teaching staff through exceptional training and professional development, as well as life skills and character education that will involve parents and the community as partners in the school.

We believe that by utilizing these four pillars, students will be more engaged in the learning process, excited about their lessons, and lay a foundation for a life-long loveof learning and service to their community.

Encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods

VA will utilize Differentiated Instruction during a portion of each school day which will give every student the opportunity to work at their own level of understanding based on digital assessments. The digital curriculum assesses skill levels and repopulates the students’ work for the next day based on their understanding of the material. The teacher is able to get a detailed assessment of the students’ progress on a daily basis to assist in lesson planning and see where students may be excelling or needing extra help.

Increase choice of learning opportunities for students

At the heart of most charter schools is the notion of increased choice in education. This school will be the first in the Hurricane valley, only the 4th charter school in Washington County. Parents in the Hurricane valley have shown overwhelming support for another choice in learning opportunities for children in the area. We are excited to provide another choice.

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